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SDK Keys


SDK Keys are used to initialize AppFlags SDK clients.

Each Environment in your AppFlags project has its own set of SDK Keys. For more information about Environments, see Environments.

To find SDK Keys for an Environment, navigate to the Environment tab and click on the particular Environment. You will find the SDK keys on the SDK Keys tab.

Types of SDK Keys

Each Environment has Client-Side and Server-Side SDK Keys. The differences are explained below:

Client-Side SDK Key

The Client-Side SDK Key is used to initialize Client-Side SDKs. There is one Client-side SDK Key per Environment.


It is safe to expose the client-side SDK key in your user facing code. It does not need to be kept secret.

Server-Side SDK Keys

Server-Side SDK Keys are used to initialize Server-Side SDKs. You can create multiple Server-Side SDK Keys in each environment.


Server-Side SDK Keys need to be kept secret. Do not expose them publicly.

You can create additional Server-Side SDK keys if you want to manage different keys in different deployment situations. All SDK Keys for an Environment will access the same Feature Flags and provide identical behavior.

If you believe a Server-Side SDK Key is compromised, you can delete the SDK key in the dashboard.