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Targeting Rules


Targeting Rules determine which Variation of your Feature Flag is active.


For an overview on modifying Targeting Rules, also see the Getting Started guide on Modifying Targeting Rules.

Targeting Rules Per Environment

Targeting Rules are set individually in each Environment, allowing you to set different active Variations in different Environments.

To see the Targeting Rules for a particular Environment, use the Select environment dropdown on the Rules tab of a Feature Flag to view Targeting Rules for that Environment.

Modifying Targeting Rules

To modify Targeting Rules:

  • Navigate to the Rules tab of the Feature Flag.
  • Select the Environment you want to modify in the Select environment dropdown.
  • Edit the percentage values next to each variation.
  • Click "Save changes".

The AppFlags client in your application will immediately receive the updated Feature Flag.

Split Rollouts

Multiple Variations of a Feature Flag can be active at one time with split rollouts.

For example, you could have a Feature Flag with three Variations configured like this:

VariationPercentage Active
Variation A25%
Variation B25%
Variation C50%

When you have multiple Variations active in a split rollout, different users will receive different Variations. A particular user will always receive the same Variation in a split rollout, even across different SDKs.

Split rollouts are useful for many scenarios, such as AB testing and gradually releasing new features.