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Creating a feature flag

This page explains how to create a feature flag in the AppFlags dashboard.

Creating a feature flag

  1. Log in to the AppFlags dashboard.

    Go to dashboard

  2. Click on “Create Feature Flag”.

  3. Enter a human-readable Name for the feature flag. The name can be changed after the flag is created.

  4. Enter a unique Key for the feature flag. You will use the key to refer to the flag in your code. The key cannot be changed.

  5. Choose a Variation Type: boolean, number, or string. This defines the type of the flag’s value.

  6. Enter Variations. A variation must have a Value. A variation can optionally have a Name and a Description. Variations can be modified after the flag is created.

  7. Select a Default Variation. This sets the variation the flag will have after being created.

  8. Click “Create”.

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