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This page explains what environments are and how you can use them to manage feature flags in different stages of your product lifecycle.


Environments represent a stage of your product lifecycle.

By default, Staging and Production environments are created in your account. You can add more environments as needed.

Tip: A common pattern is to have an environment per developer.

Flag rules per environment

Flag rules are set independently in each environment, allowing feature flags to have different variations enabled in each environment.

For example, a feature can enabled in staging while disabled in production.

For more information, see Flag rules.

Creating a new environment

To create a new environment:

  1. On the Environments tab, click “Create Environment”.

  2. Enter a human-readable Name for the environment. The name can be changed after the environment is created.

  3. Click “Create”.

SDK client keys

Each environment has a Client Key used to initialize the SDK. Ensure the correct Client Key is used when initializing the SDK in your application.

The client keys can be found on the Environments tab:

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