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Flag rules

This page explains what feature flag rules are and how you can use them to control which flag variations are enabled in your application.

Flag rules

Flag rules determine which variation is resolved when your app loads a feature flag.

Rules are percentages that define what percentage of your users will receive the particular variation.

In the example below, the feature flag is set 100% to enabled.

Split rollouts

Flag rules can be configured so that multiple variations are resolvable simultaneously. This is useful in a variety of situations, such as gradually rolling out a new feature or A/B testing multiple versions of a feature.

In the example below, the feature flag has three different variations set to different percentages.

Multiple environments

Flag rules are set independently in each environment.

This allows you to have different variations enabled in different environments. For example, you can have a feature enabled in your staging environment and disabled in your production environment.

For more information, see Environments.

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